The next Revl challenge is here to help inject the motivation and accountability you need to look and feel great as you hit summer!

The new and improved 6 week challenge is simple - hit 3 Revl workouts per week for 6 weeks and you're in the draw for some sweet prizes including Nike and Lululemon gear, a 12 month membership and more.

If you're after fitness progress, take up our new strength and fitness test - The Hustle 2.0. Find your benchmark level on day one and level up for your week 6 finale!

As always, it's free for all Revl members.
How to sign up

Current members:
The Revl Challenge is free for members.
Sign up using your Revl app. Go to 'Buy' on the main menu then select 'Revl 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge'

New members:
Join Revl on any membership plan, then sign up with the process above.

key dates

Challenge start + Hustle workout: 
Sat 16th October

3D body scan: 
Wed 13th - Thu 14th October

Goal setting seminar: 
Wed 20th October

Challenge finish + Hustle event: 
Sat 27th November

nail those goals with tailored meal plans and access to a qualified nutritionist.

If you really want to see results you'll need to focus on nutrition (as well as exercise of course). To help, Revl is bringing you proven nutritional help with Proforma. For $150 (usually $240) you'll get 8 weeks of tailored meal plans designed for the challenge goal you choose.

Find out more about the Proforma app at

Buy on your Revl app.

Add some motivation

The Revl Challenge is designed to help set great habits that'll have you looking and feeling great.
For those wanting a little more help or to push the results even further, you'll be able to add any of the options below.

Goal setting seminar

Our talented coach and Personal Trainer Abi brings her experience as a transformational life coach to help you find success and nail your goals. Don't miss this one!
Book on your Revl app.

Cost: FREE
Proforma nutrition app

Get tailored nutritional advice and a meal plan designed for your individual goals. Comes with an easy to use app and the ability to ask your nutritionist questions anytime.
Buy on your Revl app.

Cost: $150
3d body scan

Buy on your Revl app then book with the 'Appointments' menu in the 'Book' section.

Cost: $40
kickstart package

The start-up package for those serious about getting results.
Includes 2 x personal training sessions + 2 x 3D scans
See our Pricing page for information on pricing.

Cost: $129
personal training

Maximise the motivation with a Revl personal trainer.
See our Pricing page for information on pricing.

Cost: $45+
Mini challenges

Stay tuned for mini Revl challenges to help keep that fire burning. Details to come.

Cost: FREE
How it works
  1. Sign up for the challenge on your Revl app. Go to the ‘Buy’ menu and select Revl 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge.
  2. Join us to measure your current fitness with our Revl Challenge workout - The Hustle 2.0. This is optional and achievable by all fitness levels. We will provide you with a Hustle 2.0 workout card for you to record your own results. Complete the card and leave it at Revl.
  3. Complete 18 workouts during the 6 weeks. We will automatically track visits when you sign in with the barcode (or swipe in after hours).
  4. Join us for the final Hustle 2.0 buy-out challenge to celebrate! This is optional. Remember to book.
  5. There will be prizes throughout the challenge with the major prizes announced the week following the challenge end.
Do I need to do the classes?
  • No. Every member can enter the challenge and have the chance to win. No attendance to the Revl classes are required however they may provide an opportunity to practice the moves.
  • Everyone who completes the 18 workouts over the 6 weeks will go into the draw for a prize.
  • The major prizes include a 12 month Revl membership, a free Kickstart package, Lululemon and Nike vouchers and more.
  • Prizes will be awarded throughout the challenge.
What is the Hustle 2.0 workout and how fit do I need to be?
  • The Revl Challenge workout, The Hustle 2.0 is a short physical challenge using many of the moves we do in the Revl classes.
  • The workout is achievable for everyone and can challenge all fitness levels from starters to the crazy fit. Everyone can find success with their own improvement over the 6 weeks.
  • If you’re wanting to get competitive or just see how you compare to others, we have levels you can work towards.

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